Shelley Mayer

GBI endorses Shelley Mayer for New York State Senate in the special election on April 24th. Please see the PRESS RELEASE on the GBI web site.

This is our first formal endorsement. Three of us attended a debate between the candidates sponsored by the Yonkers Chamber of Commerce on March 20th. We scoured the internet for information on the candidates. Most important, the steering committee found that Shelley's positions aligned with the CORE ISSUES that were approved by our membership when we were founded. They cover topics such as education, climate change, immigration, women’s and minority rights, gun safety, voting rights, and reproductive rights.

Shelly's experience representing Yonkers in the State Assembly shows nuanced grasp of the controversies and the tenacity to have impact in the State Senate, a body that has blocked important legislation for too long.

We are surprised and distressed by the highly negative campaign being waged by the opposition candidate, Julie Killian. Television ads and mailers imply that Shelley Mayer supported the use of taxpayer money to silence victims of sexual harassment.

In fact, Shelley was one of the first to call for reform. She helped lead the fight for Sheldon Silver's resignation after allegations of corruption came to light.

Please keep an eye on this web site for action steps, developments and more information on the disinformation campaign waged by Julie Killian.

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