Attack Ads from Julie Killian Campaign

We find the attack advertising from Julie Killian objectionable. The ads virulent and misleading claims are one of the reasons that GBI has endorsed Shelley Mayer.

One ad claims attempts to associate Shelley Mayer with sexual harassment of all things. "Shelley Mayer supported the use of taxpayer money to silence victims of sexual harassment and abuse in Albany."

The attack ad references a New York Times article published August 31, 2012. The article had a series of tenuous connections, reporting on Andrew Cuomo's objections to Sheldon Silver's handling of a Vito J. Lopez sexual harassment allegation. Shelley Mayer is quoted supporting Sheldon Silver's general leadership. She did not support the alleged sexual harasser, nor did she support hush money.

When Sheldon Silver's greater corruption was revealed, Shelley Mayer helped lead the fight to force his resignation. A Wall Street Journal article published January 26, 2015 "AS SILVER DUG IN, YOUG GUNS LED THE REVOLT" describes the dramatic ouster of Sheldon Silver.

"As soon as Mr. Silver finished his remarks and left the room, new member Charles Barron took the floor, followed by second-term Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer. Both argued for a clean break from Mr. Silver’s 21-year reign. Five hours later, Mr. Kavanagh emerged to say the members would demand that evening that Mr. Silver step down."

Other ads charge Shelley Mayer with being an "Albany Insider" and "Career Politician" and part of the "Culture of Corruption." The corruption claim is completely unsupported.

It is certainly true that Shelley Mayer has been a lawyer in Albany, Assembly person since 2012 and is now running for Senate. It is also true that she understands Albany politics, is very effective at representing her district, and is highly respected by her peers. An excellent Youtube Interview recorded in 2015 captures her in action during the Sheldon Silver crisis. It is rather long but sections at approximately 11:30 minutes and 14:45 minutes are particularly helpful in understanding her impact and effectiveness.


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